The K-9 Courage™ Program from Zoetis
The K-9 Courage™ Program from Zoetis


The K-9 Courage Program is a charitable healthcare donation program that provides healthcare support to retired police and military K-9s to help assure that these courageous dogs continue to live happy and healthy lives. The program also helps provide service dogs for veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) and awards financial grants to provide emergency treatment to retired military dogs in need.

How It Works

Through partnerships with American Humane Association, Sage Foundation for Dogs Who Serve and The National Police Dog Foundation, the K-9 Courage Program provides the owner of each dog with $300 annually on a debit card that can be applied toward any veterinary expense including wellness and emergency visits, vaccines, prescription medications, and food or treats.

How You Can Help

By completing the quiz,* Zoetis will donate to expand the number of dogs in its K-9 Courage Program. Your contribution could help sponsor approximately 100 of these heroic dogs for the rest of their lives. 


Should you talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s itching? Take this quiz.

You will not only be helping your dog, but you will also be helping service dogs in need. By completing the quiz,* Zoetis will donate to expand the number of dogs in its K-9 Courage Program, which provides financial and in-kind product donations to retired military dogs, active police dogs, and active service dogs that assist veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress.


*One entry per person.


For many years, steroids or antihistamines were the only treatment for allergic dog itch. However, treating with these types of therapies also meant dealing with certain unpleasant side effects.

Antihistamines, for instance, can cause drowsiness, panting, and trembling.1 They also have been shown to have little or no benefit in treating skin allergies in most dogs because they don't get to the underlying cause of itch.2 Steroids can cause increased urination, drinking, and weight gain as well as behavior changes, such as aggression.3,4 In addition to these physical signs that cause suffering for you and your pet, these side effects can be emotionally taxing and even impact you financially --with additional veterinary visits, medicines, and even the cost of cleaning soiled carpets or furniture due to “accidents.”5

Today there are treatments designed specifically for dogs to help relieve itch and the desire to scratch, while also targeting inflammation, redness or swelling of the skin.6 Ask your veterinarian about effective treatment for allergic dog itch, including daily oral tablets and an injectable that can provide relief that lasts 4 to 8 weeks.