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Do you notice your dog scratching, licking, rubbing or biting more than usual?

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An occasional itch is normal, but when it occurs more frequently, it could be due to allergic skin disease, a medical condition that needs prescription treatment. And it's more common than you might think. Know the signs.

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Skin issues are the number one reason for veterinary visits for dogs?1

Is your dog itching for help?

Allergic itch is easier to treat when its caught early. Waiting too long can sometimes result in complications like skin or ear infections (from all that scratching!) So, if you notice your dog (or cat) has an itch that won't quit, call your veterinarian and have your pet checked out. There are treatments that can help.

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Itch can affect cats, too

  • 14% of cats suffer from itch related to allergy2
  • Overgrooming is a common sign of allergic skin disease3
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What's the word on the street?

Hear Dr Andrew Hillier, a veterinary dermatologist, talk about allergic dog itch.

Are you about to see the veterinarian?

The best veterinary visits are the ones in which you and your veterinarian work together to help your dog stay healthy. To prepare for your visit, here are some examples of what kind of discussion you can expect about your dog’s itchy behavior, as well as some questions that you might be asked.

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